A Staple of Casual Wear
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A Staple of Casual Wear

A polo shirt is simply a type of casual shirt with a square neck, a collar with two or four buttons, and sometimes an optional pocket. Polo shirts were originally only short-sleeved; they became popular by polo players in India in the late 1800s and again in England during the 1920s. Polo shirts were worn not only for sports but also to keep warm after a workout as well. Today, polo shirts can be sporty and informal, with print styles and bright colors, or more fitted and dressy.

Many polo shirts have a V-style collar, with one button and three buttons at the front; others have two buttons and a snap on the back. All have double stitching along the front. Some collars have elastic or drawstring bands at the bottom of the collar; these come in two types: drawstring and button-pull. The former is meant to be undone to release the buttons; the latter kind of collar can be opened and then held in place with buttons that run down the back of the shirt.

Tucking in a polo shirts looks better if you do it at the right time. First of all, tucking in indicates that the shirt is new and not a recently washed one; this makes the neck look cozier and more full. If you don’t tuck it in right away, the first wrinkles will show through the fabric, making the look worse than it really is. Also, you want to tuck your sleeves in before you wear your shirt. The wrinkles will just run down the arm, rather than across it like they would in a pulled-over sweater.

When you wear a shirt that isn’t tucked in, you can pull the sleeves up high to reveal the neck and give the shirts look of casual wear rather than formal wear. You do this by folding the sleeves over the head, but not really fastening them. A good time to pull your sleeves up is after the shirt is washed. If you’re wearing buttons down, you can open them just a crack before putting them in your pocket or purse. If you have a button down collar, you can open the zipper a crack before putting your hands inside your pockets. This gives the appearance that the polo shirts typically were worn with an attached jacket.

The second common type of blouse is the v-neck. These are usually wider than t-shirts and almost always contain a wider collar that is complementary to the width of the collar. The most common types of materials from which these neckties are made are cotton, polyester, linen, nylon, and brushed twill. They are available in a large variety of colors including basic black, dark blue, grey, brown, cream, and chocolate. There is also a limited amount of pattern available for these shirts, although they do tend to be quite basic in style.

The third most common type of blouse is the single breasted v-neck. They are similar to the polo shirts, in that they tend to be wide and roomy enough to be worn over a shirt or top. However, they are typically worn over either a vest or a t-shirt as an alternative to a solid color. They are also available in basic colors like black and brown. In addition to being worn over a vest or other top, these shirts can also be worn as casual wear with jeans during the summer months. They are typically worn with solid colors but can also be found in patterned patterns.

The fourth and fifth most common types of shirts are the polo shirts, which are available in various designs and styles. For example, there are versions that feature buttons all around the neck, those that have short sleeves, and others that feature long sleeves. The basic style is quite basic, consisting of two to three button holes. The variety comes from the fact that they can be worn with various combinations of clothing, such as with pants, with a jacket, with a blazer, with a waistcoat, or with a casual dress shirt. This staple is typically made in solid colors, although some have been manufactured in various designs, such as a zebra print or a giraffe design.

Finally, for those who want to add a little something to their overall outfit, there are ladies polo shirts that feature a unique collar or cuffs. These are great when you want to wear something that not only looks better but also feel better as well. In fact, if you frequently choose to wear a shirt with pants, it would be wise to invest in one with a cuff or collars that will help you wear your pants with a tuck or no-cuff look.

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