How to Wear a Tuxedo Shirt?
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How to Wear a Tuxedo Shirt?

A tuxedo shirt is an elevated white dress shirt, usually meant to only be worn in the presence of a tuxedo. However, tuxedo shirts should not be worn together with casual looks or other casual suits. It is best to coordinate your tuxedo shirt with the rest of your ensemble so you stand out and look your best at all times. However, this does not mean you have to pull out the stops and go overboard when it comes to finding a great tuxedo shirt. Just follow these simple tips and you will find a great looking tuxedo shirt that works perfectly for your formal event.

Your tuxedo shirt should have a front opening of some sort, whether it is a button or velcro, so you can button it up and have a peak lapel. If your shirt does not have a front opening then make sure the top four buttons are visible and attached. Otherwise, if it has an open top like the traditional one, it will not look right and instead of standing out it will look like it’s hanging straight down.

When purchasing tuxedo shirt collars, make sure they are the right height for your body type and go with the style of your shirt. There are two types of collar to choose from, the spread collar or buttoned collar. The spread collar is perfect for men with narrow shoulders as it helps to balance out your upper body. On the other hand, buttoned collars are best for men with broader or thicker shoulders. They provide a good balance between having a broad shoulder and having a narrow neck.

While tuxedo shirt collars can be bought separately, a much better option would be to buy a tuxedo shirt set. These sets usually include the shirt itself, three or four cuff links in your choice of material, the tuxedo studs and the hat and tie. Your studs can either be standard metal ones or diamonds. You can also choose your hat and tie in the same color as your shirt and order them together.

For a very formal look, tuxedo shirt and tuxedo studs made of black satin fabric are used. The studs are available in either metal or diamond. For the shirt itself, you can get it either with or without the pocket. It must be said that if you do not want the pockets on the shirt then the fabric may not be the best choice.

Tuxedo Shirt and Tuxedo Stays are different. Stays are worn very formally and are generally worn with suits. Tuxes are worn on weddings too. They are mainly worn as a dinner or evening wear because of the widecloth and the formal shirt collar. They have short sleeves and a tapered narrow at the cuffs.

Tuxedo collar refers to the part of the shirt that goes beyond the waistline. It is called so because you wear it outside your waistline. This gives the shirt a broader appearance and makes you appear to have weight outside the waist. You can choose the collar to make you look good in your tuxedo shirt and the spread collar to suit your mood or personality. A little bit of both will work wonders.

Tuxedo Shirt styles: The most popular tuxedo shirt styles are the single breasted, V-neck and double breasted tuxedo shirt styles. Single breasted styles are the classic style which gives a sporty look. V-neck styles are usually those with a V shape around the neck and are the more informal type of style. Double breasted tuxedo shirt styles are those with a double front closure on one of the sleeves. These are great for formal occasions like weddings or funerals.

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