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Lacoste Polo Shirts – Classic Fit and Comfort

Lacoste is a sportswear manufacturer based in France. Lacoste first came into prominence during the early days of the sport’s development when it was being worn by sportsmen of all ages. Ren Lacoste, the world famous tennis player was the founder of lacoste. Earlier in the early 1920s, Lacoste designed his own sports polo shirt and later in the 1920s he had introduced the short sleeved shirts for tennis players.

Lacoste has its own label of fabrics and design as well. It designs many different kinds of clothes such as dresses, shorts, pants, skirts and even polo shirts to suit various occasions and moods. Lacoste has a huge catalog of fabrics such as silk, cotton, linen, and polyester that are used to manufacture their lacoste polo shirts to give the customer a wide choice to choose from. This also allows the customer to get the right size of Lacoste polo shirts to ensure that they are not suffocated by their stylish clothes.

The fabric used to make a Lacoste polo shirt is a matter of great pride for Lacoste. They have a variety of fabrics such as nylon, rayon, silk, and cotton. Each of these fabrics has their own special characteristic and provides their customers with many choices. The main characteristic of each fabric is the way it is made such as the buttons, snaps, laces, or even the classic fit. Lacoste uses the classic fit for their shirts because it gives it the classic look without the bulky look that many other brands of sports apparel tend to have.

The fabric that is used for these polo shirts is actually polyester and there are two types, one being the pure cotton and another being the pima cotton. Both have their own unique characteristics that help them stand out amongst other companies. Pure cotton, also known as seagrass cotton is smooth to touch yet very heavy. Pima cotton, which is derived from cotton seeds, is a little rough but extremely comfortable to wear. Its unique characteristic helps it to absorb moisture faster and also makes it ideal for hot weather.

When making a polo shirt, Lacoste uses the classic button design where buttons are arranged in pairs down the front. Two buttons are placed at the center of each collar and this enables two of your hands to fit comfortably around the neck. It is because of this design that lacoste polo shirts do not have laces. They use zippers instead and since these zippers run diagonally, the shoulders of the shirt remain completely smooth. Since the lack of laces allows the collar to move freely, these shirts look less stiff and constrictive.

Both the cut and the overall style of the Lacoste polo shirt is what makes it so appealing to the casual consumers. It is a normal fit that is neither too tight nor too loose. In fact, it even has an extra-large collar that extends till the middle of the chest. This feature enables the wearer to tuck in his or her shirt when it is not in use.

Lacoste also provides its customers with a great classic fit through the use of two inch wide and double stitching front buttons. These double stitches ensure that the shirt stays in place and will not fall down. The classic fit however is not limited to just the collar and the buttons. The entire polo shirt is made using pima cotton for the feel of softness that only this fabric can provide. This makes the classic fit all the more comfortable.

Lacoste also uses standard buttonholes except on the collars and on the cuffs. Instead, it uses ribbed cotton and this feature makes it all the more attractive to the customers. The addition of the ribbed cotton also adds to the comfort of these polo shirts since they do not get stuck in any kind of holes.

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