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Silk Shirt – A Fashion Staple

Silk shirts have always been an integral part of Indian attire, wherever people gather for business or pleasure. The appeal of silk and its versatility makes the classic white or pure silk shirts the ideal choice for formal and traditional gatherings. Solid coloured silk shirts and creams in vivid reds, blues, oranges, maroons, purple and green are all ideal for matching a plain silk or cotton diy drape. These days a wide range of prints and colours are also available to complement an Indian wedding or a party.

A basic white shirt is a must have for every man’s wardrobe. However, it is quite difficult to keep it clean and fashionable. A plain silk blouse can be easily washed in the washing machine and dried flat in the dryer. It can also be ironed if it has any creases. In case of any shrinkage or tearing, one can always go for a silk shirt repair kit that can be procured from almost any garment shop or retailer.

Silk shirts can be worn casually or can be teamed with a pair of trousers or khakis. It is popular as a dress shirt and can be worn on special occasions like a dinner party or a picnic. There are numerous other uses of a silk shirt apart from making a perfect drape. Here are ten reasons why a shirt made of this fabric should be in your wardrobe:

For many centuries, the Chinese have used the charmeuse fabric to create amazing works of art. They have used it to create exquisite pieces of architecture, tapestries, curtains, bedding, wall hangings and furniture. The Chinese have treasured this exquisite fabric since ancient times. Today, you can still find craftsmen who weave this fabric into stunning clothing for weddings, parties, charity auctions, banquets and corporate events. If you want to look elegant, this classic fabric is just the thing.

A classic silk shirt is a wardrobe staple for both men and women. It can be worn every day and every occasion. It can be worn to work, to the mall, to the beach, to dinner parties and on special occasions like Valentine’s Day. It can be a very stylish and comfortable casual wear or a great elegant formal wear.

One of the reasons that this fabric makes such a wonderful wardrobe staple is that there are so many different styles to choose from. There is a shirt to fit every occasion whether you would prefer a vest, long sleeve or short sleeve. You can even have a shirt with a printed logo or some perfumes to match your evening attire.

Silk shirts are usually fitted with a slightly fitted or loosely fitted collar and can either be left slung or buttoned down depending on the style and the suit or occasion. They are very flattering to the body. They drape well and can be worn with slim tailored trousers, tweed trousers, chinos or stretchable jeans. You can create quite a fashion statement by wearing these shirts with denim skirts, tweed skirts or leggings. If you get a bit more daring, you could pull off the shirt tucked into a pair of tailored trousers for a very subtle look.

Another reason why silk shirts are so versatile is that they can be worn almost anywhere. This means that you don’t have to be stuck wearing the same old shirt everywhere you go. Instead, you can choose to wear silk shirts with printed tassels or with a simple button-down blouse. You can also opt for a silk shirt that can be worn as a shawl. Whatever you choose to pair your silk shirts with, you are guaranteed to look fabulous.

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