The Black Shirt Button Up - Not Just For Women Anymore
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The Black Shirt Button Up – Not Just For Women Anymore

A classic way to dress up your shirt is with a black shirt button up. These are the go to option for every guy that wants to look good and feel good. I like to think of them as a slightly more formal version of a turtle neck sweater. It works with a variety of outfits, but also goes well with jeans and shorts, or even a dress shirt. Here are some basics to keep in mind when putting one on.

Layering: Be sure to match your shirt to your pants or blouse. Some black shirts have sleeves, which means you will want to make sure your buttons are lined up properly. Some shirts have buttons down the back of the neck. If your buttons are not lined up this can be a big mistake. I highly recommend lining them up before putting the shirt on and then later taking them all the way down to make sure they all line up correctly.

Put the shirt on first thing in the morning: This rule actually applies to most other button ups as well. When you are ready to wear a shirt, always go to the store first. Don’t wear it the minute you walk in because it will not look right. Have it altered, ironed, cleaned… anything to get it looking right the first time.

Properly pin: When wearing a shirt, make sure you never pin the bottom button. This will make your shirt look very unfashionable, and quite frankly, looks very odd. You should always either leave a whole button undone, or just make sure you button the top and bottom buttons together. There is nothing worse than seeing an unfashionable shirt on someone’s neck.

Properly collar: This is another common mistake among guys that don’t know how to wear a black shirt button up. To wear a shirt properly, always have the collar on. If the shirt is sleeveless, then the collar should be placed high on the back of the neck. This will allow for a comfortable fit. If the shirt is sleeveless, then the collar can be placed lower on the neck, right at the base of the neckline.

No slouching: Slouching makes any outfit look bad. And no one wants to have to pretend they are slouching in order to dress properly. This applies to any type of shirt. So don’t do it. It will look even worse than a shirt that has been pinned up.

Make sure you button up: The black shirt button up must be buttoned up all the way. That means that the first button on the back of the shirt needs to be pulled up. You also want to make sure the remaining buttons are all pushed down. This will ensure that your shirt stays up the way you want it to.

Black shirt button ups are great for any type of occasion. They look sharp with a pair of jeans, a t-shirt, or even with a dress. Even though you may think the shirt looks bad, try it out and see how it looks. Black comes in so many different colors and styles, you are bound to find a great black shirt that buttoned up properly. Then you will look sharp and ready for anything!

What if you can’t pull your shirt up? There are plenty of other ways to wear your shirt button up. One option is to roll it up on a spool. This way you won’t have to worry about the shirt coming down.

Black shirt button ups are all about personal style. If you aren’t comfortable wearing it the way you want to, you don’t have to. Just get in touch with your own taste. Maybe it’s time for a change. Or, maybe you just like the way it looks now. Just remember: Your outfit says a lot about you!

Black shirt button ups are perfect for both casual and formal occasions. There are plenty of ways to style yours so that it matches your personal style. There are also plenty of places to buy them from. So, there should be no reason why you can’t be wearing one today. Go out, find a great shirt, wear it proudly, and be happy!

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