The History Of Collars On Button Up Shirts
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The History Of Collars On Button Up Shirts

A dress shirt, button up vest, button up top, or just button up shirt is an article of clothing with a long sleeve and a collar opening in the front, that is fastened either with buttons or zipper-covering shirt studs. These articles of clothing are made to be worn with blouses or other tops. They are often made with plain or contrasting colored buttons, and the more expensive ones have personalized logos or embroidered designs. These articles of clothing can come in a wide range of materials including silk, cotton, velvet, and jute. They can be used for professional as well as private occasions and for all age groups.

The button up shirt is one of the most popular articles of clothing. They are simple and easy to wear. They look very good on all body types and you can use them interchangeably with blouses. It is very easy to pair up these shirts with pants or trouser. These are perfect for casual days and they are also appropriate for office wear.

These shirts are relatively easy to create. The basic fabric used for making these shirts is cotton. You can make button holes in the fabric by placing buttons along the seam line. Alternatively, if the seams are not close enough you can sew buttons directly into the fabric. In creating collar shapes you can use the buttons attached to an empire waist pin or a halter neckline pin.

Button up shirts can be used as casual and smart outfits. These can be used to create an informal look with bright colors and prints. In this case, you can choose from short sleeves, long sleeves and polo players collars. You can choose the color and the print according to your preference. You can have either single or double-breasted button holes.

In addition, these shirts can be worn as office wear too. For this, you will have to choose polo players collars and big buttons. For women, plain front buttons and plain back buttons are appropriate while men should select plaid or patterned buttons. The shirt collar colors depend upon the job you are in.

It would not be wrong to say that the buttons are an important aspect of this shirt. However, they should not be overemphasized or decorated in any manner. If the buttons are too large, it will make the shirt look too casual. On the other hand, if the buttons are too small, the shirt may not be able to carry out its purpose.

There is another rule regarding the button placement. If you are wearing a V-neck shirt and the button is positioned too low, it will make you look like you are trying to hide something. Hence, you should always try to find the right button placement. There are two kinds of button up collars for ladies. One is with buttons on both sides of the collar, and the other one is without buttons at all.

It is also necessary to determine the size of your buttons. Usually, shirts with large button holes tend to look baggy. In order to avoid such type of shirts, you should always choose button up shirts with smaller button holes. This will also ensure that you do not have any problem with blouses and jackets. Last but not the least; do not compromise with the quality of fabric. A good quality shirt will last for a much longer time than an inferior quality fabric.

The style of collars also affects the overall appearance of the shirt. Silk or satin are some of the best types of fabrics used in making collars. They are both very formal and are rarely worn by women who want to look casual. Buttons on collars give you the flexibility of being able to wear anything you want.

A polo player is always in the company of other polo players and this is why having nice collars is very important. As mentioned earlier, button up collars are the standard style for this kind of clothing. But what if you want to look like a classic polo player? Then you should try polo collar shirt with buttons down the middle. This will surely make you look like the real thing.

If you want your button up shirts to be more casual, you can opt for cotton or silk collars. This will still give you the same effect as a button up shirt, but it will be less formal. Cotton or silk collars are also much cheaper compared to other kinds of shirts that come with buttons. So if you want to wear something less formal, then this is definitely the right choice for you.

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