How To Wear A Navy Blue Shirt?
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How To Wear A Navy Blue Shirt?

Navy blue is the color you can’t afford not to wear. It is versatile, elegant and flattering for all ages. But how do you accessorize a navy blue shirt? This article has some suggestions.

For all seasons, navy blue jeans are always an easy styling choice for a smart, casual appearance. Select a washed out wash light enough to avoid a chafing look – one which gives contrast to the color of the shirt. In the spring, don some lightweight blue pants, which again are in the similar hue family and give a pleasing color combination. For the summer, pair a blue blouse with a slim fit white or gray blazer or trousers. Avoid tight fitting shirts as they will just make you stick out like a sore thumb.

Tuck in your collars. You want a shirt that leaves a little room at the neck. Nothing clangles the neck and makes a viewer’s eyes glaze over. Navy blue looks good with a thin fabric, but if it gets too hot in the summer or humid in the winter, consider pulling it up into a crew neck tee. The good thing about this look is it never gets old!

When wearing a navy blue shirt, try pairing it with a solid patterned t-shirt in a contrasting color. A solid blue shirt teamed with a solid patterned t-shirt gives a striking contrast and statement. A solid blue top with a patterned shirt gives a sleek look and a modern take on the classic tuxedo look. Pair a white or gray top with a blue tie and you get a smart casual outfit that coordinates with almost everything.

But what color should you wear with a navy blue shirt? One great color to pair with this hue is a beige or white shirt. These colors match just about anything. You can also try a white blouse with the same shade of blue. Stay away from darker hues as the dark color will overpower the natural shade of the shirt. White shirts with blue accents look really nice on either a solid blue top or with a striped shirt under a jacket.

Don’t feel like you have to stay with the basic navy blue shirt. Make a fashion statement with a bright red shirt or a bold orange shirt. Both of these will stand out and make a fashion statement at the same time. Pair a bright red shirt with a blazer in rich chocolate brown or a dark blue blouse with a matching pants and you’ll look like a total rock star.

Another way to take an ordinary shirt and give it an extra zip it is with a graphic t shirt. A graphic t shirt is usually a one-piece shirt with a graphic printed on one side and sometimes a slogan or name is printed on the other side. This is a great way to get a funny or witty quote, some eye-catching artwork or just about any other type of design you can imagine printed on your shirt. There are some graphic t shirt companies that even allow you to upload your own graphic so you can use it on your own shirt.

If you have a blue top and want to add some pizzazz to it then you can always pair it with a pair of black skinny jeans. The look is very sleek and classy. Pair your skinny jeans with a pair of straight cut black dress shoes and you’re looking classy and smart. This is a great look that both guys and girls can pull off.

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